Jumbo- Tsuribune Tsurikichi

巨型釣船 釣吉



On-Board Dining – Enjoy the Taste of Fish Caught Only Moments Ago, Right at Your Seat

200 seats available, spread out across 3 boats in a restaurant interior. 800 live fish swim around the boats, ready to be caught and prepared however you like – as sashimi, sushi, or fried with salt. Besides fishing, the menu also features plenty of other dishes ready to order.
*Fish cannot be returned once caught

釣到的魚可以在現場直接 料理來吃的大型釣船餐廳


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  • 2-3-14, Ebisuhigashi, Naniwa-ku, Osaka
  • 〈Monday to Friday /星期一~星期五〉
    11:00 - 3:00 (the following day)
    〈Weekends and Public Holidays /星期六日〉
    10:00 - 3:00 (the following day)
  • Open Everyday / 無休息日
  • 06-6630-9026