The Shitennoji Grand Head Temple

和宗総本山 四天王寺



Japan’s First Buddhist State-Sponsored Temple

Shitennoji temple was established 1,400 years ago by pledge of Prince Shotoku Taishi as the first buddhist state-sponsored temple in Japan. The spacious temple grounds cover approximately 110,000 square meters, and feature the central gate, five-storied pagoda, golden pavilion, and lecture hall in a straight line from north to south, completely surrounded by a cloister hallway. In addition to the temple’s centralcomplex being one of Japan’s oldest architectural styles, it also houses various national artifacts that, at the time the temple was established, held as much cultural and historical significance as they do today. Northwest of the grounds is the 10,000 square meter wide and tranquil Hojo garden, featuring the treasured structures of the Yuyahojo and Rokkakutei – these too are cultural assets important to Japan. The garden overall envisions the buddhist image of the Sukhavati, referring to the western “Pure Land” of Amitabha in Mahayana Buddhism.




Central Complex
100 yen off the 300 yen price for 1 adult
→ Only 200 yen
Rokkakutei Pure Land Garden
100 yen off the 300 yen price for 1 adult
→ Only 200 yen
Homotsukan Treasure Hall
200 yen off the 500 yen price for 1 adult
→ Only 300 yen


  • 1-11-18, Shitennoji, Tennoji-ku, Osaka
  • 8:30 - 16:30
    (or 16:00 between October and March / 10月~3月 ~16:00)
  • Open Everyday /無休息日
  • 06-6771-0066
  • 〈Central complex /中心伽藍〉 300 yen
    〈The "Pure Land" garden / 極楽浄土庭園〉 300 yen
  • Free WiFi