Osaka Castle Park





An Urban Park in the Center of Osaka and Its Historical Castle Tower.

The familiar Osaka castle tower is a well known symbol of the city, with the central history museum housing several properties of cultural and historical significance. Depictions and models of the feudal lord Toyotomi Hideyoshi, in addition to those of Osaka castle itself, are all available with supplementary information to understand their importance with ease. From the observation deck, visitors can enjoy the view while trying out various helmets and battle surcoats. The Illusion Museum is conceptualized by MAGUS and is the winner of the Merlin Award from the International Magicians Society. The Samurai and Ninja Activity lets visitors dress up just like the real thing. All are located within the Miraiza Osaka-Jo facility at Osaka castle.


另外可由展望台來眺望風景, 並且可以體驗嘗試武士頭盔・武士服。
(候補2)體驗忍者變裝・日本武士的日本殺陣道協會。 全都是在MIRAIZA大阪城內。

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  • 3-11, Osakajo Chuo-ku, Osaka
  • 9:00 - 17:00
  • From December 28 to January 1 (castle tower) / 12月28日~1月1日(天守閣)
  • 06-6755-4146
  • 〈Castle tower /天守閣〉
    Adults 600 yen
    Free entry for children under 15
    〈Illusion Museum /幻影博物館〉
    Adults /大人 1,200 yen
    From ages 4 to 11 / 4-11歳 700 yen
    〈Magic show (separate) /魔術秀另計〉
    Adults /大人 500 yen
    Free entry for children /孩童免費
    〈Ninja and samurai experiences / 忍者・武士体験〉
    Adults 6,000 yen
    Aged 10 and under / 10歳以下 4,000 yen
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