Osaka Aquarium Kaiyukan





Osaka’s Very Own World-Class Aquarium

The tunnel-shaped enclosure known as the Aqua Gate is the start of your journey to one of the world’s finest aquariums. This leads you to the Japan Forest with light filtering downwards through the surface. The Osaka Aquarium Kaiyukan features 14 such themes for its enclosures, centering on the vast Pacific Ocean aquarium modeled after the genuine article. The arrangement of this enclosure faithfully reproduces the geographical profile of the Pacific – in other words, this is a very near recreation of the actual natural environment of its namesake. Your journey through this recreation will invigorate visitors with both the wonder and importance of the native ecosystem, and the mysteries of the natural world.


世界最大級別的水族館・海遊館。以隧道型水槽來開啟「AQUA GATE」(水閘)之旅。由頂部向下注入太陽光的「日本的森林」為開端,由海平面延續到海底。館內以模仿廣大太平洋的「太平洋」水槽為中心,備有14個展示水槽,這個水槽的配置也是仿照環太平洋的地理關係來呈現。也就是說盡可能的呈現出接近實際地球環境的樣子。藉由悠遊太平洋的海遊館之旅,我們可以體會到生命的珍貴美好、不可思議,並感受自然環境的重要。


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  • 1-1-10, Kaigandori, Minato-ku, Osaka
  • 10:00 - 20:00
    (last admission / 最終入館 19:00)
    * Please check our website for details.
  • Open Everyday / 無休息日
    (with some facilities closed on the 2nd day of a new year /年有2天休館)
  • 06-6576-5501
  • Adults / 大人 2,400 yen
    Children /孩童 1,200 yen
    Infants /幼兒 600 yen
    Seniors /年長者2,200 yen (ID to confirm age/須備妥可確認年齡的證明)
    *Admission fees are subject to change.
    1. We operate at a Timed Admission system.
    2. Please make a timed entry admission reservation on the Kaiyukan website in advance.
    3. Please wear a mask at all times while in the facility.
  • Free WiFi
  • ・At the time of admission, customers temperature will be inspected.
    ・We adjust the ventilation system to high to take in fresh air from the outside, and open the emergency exits regularly to maximize the ventilation.
    ・The inside of the building is disinfected during cleaning before business hours.
    ・Staff will wear masks and manage their health by enforcing regularly washing hands and disinfection, as well as taking body temperature before work.
    ・When serving guests, we will follow social distancing protocols.
    ・The number of seats is reduced in the restaurants, cafes, and food court areas.
    ・Vinyl shields are installed at cashier counters to prevent infection.
    Due to COVID-19, temporary closures and changes in business hours may occur without notice