Abeno Q's MALL




A Variety-Rich Shopping Mall

We are one of the largest shopping centers in Osaka prefecture with shops selling daily necessities, clothing, sundries, entertainment goods as well as restaurants. You can do the shopping, have a meal or take a rest here, where you will never feel boring all day long. For the convenience of customers from overseas, we also have tax-free shops, currency exchange machine along with free Wi-Fi service. Sincerely waiting for your coming.


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  • 1-6-1, Abenosuji,Abeno-ku,Osaka
  • 10:00 - 21:00
    〈3rd floor / Q‘s kitchen〉 10:00 - 22:00
    〈4th floor / Q’s dining〉 11:00 - 23:00
    〈B1, 1, 2nd floor Ito-Yokado〉 10:00 - 22:00

    (Last Entry / 最終入場時間 21:30)

  • Open Everyday / 無休息日
  • 06-6556-7000

For the No.1 Selection of
National Brands at Abeno Q’s Mall.

We offer brands that are playful yet discerning. Our focus is on famous jeans from overseas as well as original fashion and miscellaneous items of BUCK NUMBER and more. You’re sure to find your own favorite brands here.

在阿部野Q’s MALL中最齊全!

以各國知名牛仔褲及BACK NUMBER等原創服飾及雜貨為主軸,精選充滿玩心與執著專注的品牌,

Where Trendsetting Fashion Is Always Affordable.

Come and view our collection of innovative styles and basic fashions.
You’re assured of discovering something new at a reasonable price.
We also have exclusive offers for those who sign up with our app.


陳列大量流行服飾及基本服飾! 以合理價格提供流行服飾,App會員可享專屬優惠價格。

Offering a Selection of Products for Expectant Parents.

We specialize in maternity items as well as products for infants and children. We handle a wide range of original products as well as merchandise from famous manufacturers. Peruse our appealing selection of childcare goods including toys, clothing, baby foods and milk products.



View Our Wide Range of Top-Quality Products.

BicCamera offers an overwhelming assortment of products not available in other stores, while offering goods at the same discount prices to Japanese customers. Of course, offering cameras and home appliances, but also complete with everything one would want including beauty appliances, stainelss bottles, watches, PCs, toys and audios. May have everything in one store and enjoy one-stop shopping!


BicCamera的商品种类之丰富,是其他公司不可比拟的,并且外国人也可和日本人以同样的价格购买商品。除相机、家电之外、保温杯、美容家电、手表、电脑、玩具、音响耳机等运动产品也均有售,一站式购物,满足 顾客的需要。

Browse One of the Largest Selections of Merchandise in Kansai.

Enjoy shopping on our 3,300-square-meter sales floors. We also offer “MY UNIQLO,” Kansai’s only customization service. We invite you to peruse our wide selection of unique products.


提供關西唯一的客制化服務「MY UNIQLO」,顧客可在單層面積廣達1,000坪的賣場中輕鬆購物。另外亦備有多種特別商品。

Browse Our Collection of Popular Brand Sneakers.

In addition to our wide selection of seasonal items, we carry a broad range of ABC-MART exclusives. No matter how many times you visit, you’ll always discover something new.