Get Stamp

Important points

・Please follow the steps below to avoid losing your accumulated stamps.
・Iphone users: please scan the QR code with the pre-installed camera app.
・Turn off private browser or incognito mode.
・Please access the website via Safari on your Iphone, and Chrome on your Android.
・Please access the website with the same browser after receiving the stamp.
・Do not delete your browser history.


・ 以下的注意事項若沒遵守的話,印章有可能會消失。請務必再次確認。
・ 請使用Iphone系統的標準相機APP來讀取QR Code。
・ 請關閉私人瀏覽模式、加密模式。
・ 取得印章後,請使用相同瀏覽器來進行操作。
・ 請不要把瀏覽器的瀏覽紀錄刪除。